With the Ballon d’Or edging nearer and nearer, fans, coaches and even players  have already said who they believe will snatch it this year. Guardiola recently said that Ribery deserves it more than anyone else meanwhile Bale expressed his opinion by saying that his partner C.Ronaldo is the correct and appropriate candidate on winning it considering his recent burst of success not only for Real Madrid but for Portugal as well.

Jack Wilshere expressed his own opinion about who should win it as he said that Lionel Messi should win it for a 5th consecutive year.

“Some people say Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, but for me but is still Messi,” he said. “He is similar to (Mesut) Ozil in the way he makes it look so easy with the way he glides past players.” Wilshere said.

Even though Messi has been out of the pitch due to an injury for some time and will continue to be out of the playing fields, the Argentine is still a big favorite on winning the silverware once more.

Wilshere spoke in a questions and answers session on YouTube and besides stating that he still considers Lionel Messi to be the absolute best player in the world, the England international also said that he would like to play alongside the Barcelona star.

Jack Wilshere has been featured in almost every single match of this season of the Premier League for Arsenal, despite only being 21 years of age; he is a very player for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal.  The young midfielder pledged his future with Arsenal on a number of instances as he wants to become a legend for the squad of Arsene Wenger.