Jack Wilshere singing Confessions II by Usher

Video Rating: four / five


  • where can i finde the starting track?

  • 0:50 fings <3

  • I like how these England guys like black people music , First OX with minaj now Wilshire with usher

  • no PSY-Gangtham Style


  • dont give up your day job Jack

  • Jack wilshere for Xfactor!

  • Still better than Bieber

  • still a better singer then bieber though

  • When’s the intro song coming out?

  • Wilshire should audition for Britain’s Got Talent 😛

  • on the steering wheel that’s a Mercedes badge (0:40), and if i’m correct, he only has one Mercedes, which is an SL500. but not sure.

  • Of course he can sing, its just that this song is shite..

  • where ur seat belt jack ?

  • whatssss the car?

  • It’s just you he cannot sing

  • release it please

  • is it me or Willshere has a Nice voice?

  • Wilshere = Justin Timberlake

  • LOOL

  • Chambo as a rapper is much better :P

  • jack is a good player

  • lol ive always thought lol

  • its called a widows peak hahaha some people have that

  • When’s it out?

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