Jack Wilshere – Skills, Goals, Passes & Tackles! England Captain 2013

Video Ranking: four / five


  • are you fucking srs! wilshere is fucking amazing and still has years until he is in his prime! there is a reason why he makes the first team! he is a star at arsenal and for England. and he has been at arsenal since he was 9 FFS. he ain’t leaving and neither of the players you listed said that! wenger has seen plenty of players come and go so he knows talent when he sees them. STFU and admit he is a star player.

  • Luis suarez, luiz gustatvo, Bernard, julio cesar all in for arsenal then we win the league


  • amazing

  • funny you say that because they say fc barcelona is interested in him 

  • i accept he move to a bigger team but not england teams

  • you know whats going to happen right? like rvp, nasri, toure, cole ect he will become a top footballer, get annoyed at lack of money and/or trophies and move to bigger better team

  • Well, hes not lol

  • LEADER !

  • You though wrong.*laughs sarcastically*

  • And coming from a man utd fan, he’s WAY better than Cleverley

  • Wilshere is the next Keane/Scholes

  • because wilshere is a class above cleverly, best young english player. from a chelsea fan

  • i thought RVP was a Gunner for life?

  • England Capitan? no i believe thats Gerrard, also you have a mun u badge as your picture, why the fuck you doing this on wilshire?, why not Cleverly?

  • Dear YouTube, don’t recommend this fk to me. I hate this overrated bastard

  • LOL you save this message for reply after few months? nah anyway he enjoyed his FIRST premier league champion soooo much~


  • Wilshere is One of the best Young players in the world . He has lot of potential to be the best player

  • u judge a player ability on 1 match? u got to be joking

  • Jackk wilshere is Amazing

  • respect from madridista


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