Jack’s Back (Song) – We welcome Jack Wilshere back to the Premier League

Movie Rating: 4 / 5


  • Jack Wilshere returned to the pitch this weekend and the fans at Arsenal
    vision couldn’t be happier by the sounds of this tribute song #afc :

  • i think this song is on iTunes i petr cech even though this guy deserves an
    oscar i wilshere this joke with you oh yeah and nice to michu ‘}

  • Go away you red Satan! Sir Alex always drink alcohol he smell nasty and
    always steal players! DOWN DOWN THE RED SATAN ROONEY IS FATTY

  • Did u see the ‘sign da ting’ on Walcott’s shirt when they’re in the car


  • On my birthday. 🙂

  • I suppose you are a Arsenal fan, right? I’m sorry about how Bayern
    assassinated your team in cold blood on your own home, but don’t worry, if
    Bayern crosses our way after we finish with Madrid, we will avenge you!

  • amazing, keep making these sounds with arsenal’s theme 🙂

  • What did I just see? Kidding this is hilarious! Relieved that he’s back 🙂

  • Oxlade chamberlain song please?

  • masterpiece COYG!

  • shut ur mouth you prick

  • Last to get laid, cunt.

  • Alan scared the shit of utd…

  • Bought this one too.

  • Another cracker, love it

  • Jacks gone again

  • What..On heavens name…is that

  • 2-0 oooooh douche

  • LOL i love the band !

  • red card 🙁

  • There is something special, this being released 19.10 and now a year later
    he scores that goal

  • kill yourself.

  • COYG

  • This is AMAZING!!!

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