Wilshere Appearence Proves Pearce Wrong

Former manager of Manchester City and England, Stuart Pearce claimed that Jack Wilshere would not be making any appearances for England during the 2014 World Cup as the 52 year old English manager was concerned about the recent performances that the player of Arsenal had been displaying.

‘’I think he Wilshere is very, very short of form. Watching the last game against Honduras I didn’t see a Wilshere that sprung on the scene many months ago. I just think he is very, very short of confidence and I see Lampard, Lallana or Barkley ahead of him now. I just feel his lack of form really will cost him and that will be on Roy’s mind’’. Pearce said to the media.

Those claims released by Pearce were wrong as Jack Wilshere did indeed represent England at the international stage although it only was during a match that had absolutely no importance as the team of Roy Hodgson was already eliminated from the World Cup.

The match against Costa Rica was the only encounter that Jack Wilshere had on performing since the 1st minute of the game as he was not a substitute and the former manager of Crystal Palace, Ian Holloway criticized the attitude of Wilshere during the worldwide tournament.

“He seemed to take Roy Hodgson’s decision to substitute him as a personal insult. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then gave a post-match interview in which he said how hard it had been to motivate himself for the final game of England’s World Cup because he hadn’t started against either Italy or Uruguay and our fate had already been decided. I couldn’t believe it. Who the hell does this kid think he is?” Ian Holloway told to the media.

Whether or not Wilshere was given the chance to play more minutes and represent England in the World Cup, it does not seem like it would have made any difference as the English squad just looked out of shape and struggled in every single match.