Arsenal – Ipswich Town • 3:0 • Goal Highlights • 25.01.2011

Arsenal Russian Speaking Supporters Club Bendtner one – Koscielny 2 – Fabregas three – Helps: Wilshere Arshavin Arshavin
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  • @Daedriic You gettin rude?

  • Hustovic dont be an idiot your over dramastic

  • @hustovic
    I know, strange?

  • what else can i can…they are really playing total football
    well done arsenal………….

  • carling cup sunday, finally a trophy :D!!!

  • must be

  • wilshere made the pass!!!!

  • @tyreestorey123 lol haha

  • that one dislike is an Ipswich Fan. (Y)

  • @hustovic of course. Didn’t you know, he’s also the head of the Bullingdon club and a member of the Ku Klux Klan

  • pause at 3:18 fabregas illuminati hand sign?

  • hopefully we’ll win the carlin cup…its defo long overdue


  • That control by Bendtner is what every young player needs to develop.

  • bendter is best

  • My jaw is still dragging on the floor after seeing Bendtner’s skill and delicate finish

  • thats arshavin this frustrating yet pops up with 2 assists..same against wigan..brillian goal and assist yet loose passes everywhere..this guy is an doubt his world class though..C:MON YOU GUNNERS

  • wilshere did good. bendtner did great.
    arshavin did good. koscielny did good.
    arshavin did great. fabregas did great.

  • qui sera, sera, whatever will be will be, were going to webley, qui sera, sera

  • 0:06 Bendtner, wow.
    He look like Pinocchio, moves like a horse and plays like a devil.

  • @5mavris nah it cauz his girlfriend is pregnant and they’re expecting a baby in march! he said on a arsenal interview

  • @BARCAROME09 hahaha very funny he said that it’s time for the baby to see the world. While all the fans are screaming for the goal, the baby wil think they scream for him!!!

  • Андрей тебя не заклюют.

  • Аршавин молодец

  • i think thats koscielny’s way of saying he’s pregnant :/

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