Jack Wilshere is eager on getting back in the pitch

The 23 year old English midfielder Jack Wilshere has been out of action since November of 2014 when he sustained an ankle injury which has forced the player to remain on the sidelines of Arsenal for the majority of the season.


The road to recovery of Jack Wilshere has left him out of the pitch for over 4 months but the player is slowly returning to full fitness as he has trained and made a few appearances for Arsenal’s Under-21 squad.

Jack Wilshere is happy to be able to play for the youth team of Arsenal as he is trying to get back to his form but the English player is eager on making it back to the main team of Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere said: “You can play as much as you want in the Under-21s, but you cannot get that intensity of the Premier League. In training here, the little eight-a-side and keep balls is top level, and that is what I need. Everyone looks forward to the training sessions, it is short and sharp, everyone is fighting for a position in the team and you can really tell that.”

Due to the ankle injury that Wilshere sustained a few months ago, the player has spent more time on the sidelines of Arsenal than anything else but Wilshere stated that he has been impressed by what his teammates have been accomplishing, especially after Arsenal claimed their 8th successive Premier League triumph by defeating Burnley with a scoreboard of 0-1.

“I remember when I got my first injury and it was the year when Cesc Fabregas left. We struggled that year at the start and it was tough to watch. It has been totally different this year they have been playing great football and it has been a joy to watch.” Wilshere added on.

Wilshere’s last Premier League match that he played was against Manchester United and this was back in November 22 of 2014 but the Englishman is hoping to return to the main team of Arsene Wenger and perform in a league match before the season reaches it’s end.