Arsenal star Jack Wilshere does not have any mention of the club anywhere on his Twitter bio as many would expect.

He proudly gushes about being a pro baller and a “Nike UK athlete.” He has not being released after the Premier League published a list of released player, yet the player did not even share in the FA Cup celebrations. Anyone would assume his time at the Emirates is up.

He spent the last term at Bournemouth but he is back to the club since The Cherries refused to keep him longer. After all the hype around him has worn off, the player is struggling to keep a shirt at the club. With more pressure on Arsene Wenger to get the league title, there is a slimmer chance that Wilshere would remain.

He is expected to go elsewhere for ‘development’ while Wenger employs others. There are strong rumours that Arsenal are trying to quickly tie down Alexis Sanchez, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and MesutOzil.However, no one is even mentioning talks about Wilshere getting a new deal.

Wenger had said the club would do something about a new deal but at the moment the club is in no hurry, and it shows their priorities when his contract is in its last year. Many would feel Wilshere did not do enough at Bournemouth aside trying to stay fit.

Wilshere was supposed to be a big fish in a small pond but his impact did not cut it. The best hopes he could have in the forthcoming season is to get a chance to appear in the Europa League, even as he turns 26 when the season begins. There have been links with Everton and West Ham, even then what real difference would he make?