Jack Wilshere On Holiday

Jack Wilshere has been on holiday and there are photos of him and his family enjoying the off time that he has got after England’s performance turned out to be miserable in the Premier League.

The last season had been hard for his club as well as at the country level. Having played at the midfield level Wilshere is looking forward to putting away a disastrous season behind him and start afresh for the new season.

The pre season training will start off next week as part of the Arsenal club. Meanwhile the off time that the 24 year old has got is being put to keep him fit as he holidays and relaxes with his family. Indeed, his fans have been seeing pictures of him working out in different places, including the shower unit in the bathroom as he utilizes the spare time he has before he is due back for training in Arsenal in a week.

Having been part of the county league that went to participate in the Premier League, he could not help the way the country performed and how they were out of the rounds soon. As he tweeted to his fans, there was not much to do but to utilize the time and enjoy the same with his family.

He has posted several pictures of himself with his fiancée and kids. He stated that he had one more week off before he would be required to get back to training as the new season begins. It was definitely the best way to unwind and distress after the last few months of competitive sport and difficult time on the field. Fans are hoping that Jack has refreshed himself enough and found time to renew his fitness so that when he is back on the field, he would be in top form.