Jack Wilshere has been reported to be out injured for the current season due to a knee injury he picked up.

The injury is supposed to be short term but it adds to the injury crisis that Arsenal is facing. The injury crisis is threatening the start of the campaign of the Gunners after they failed to lift the Premier League last season.

“I know my body better than ever now, and I know what it can and can’t do. It can do most things — it just can’t go into ridiculous challenges. It’s more difficult in a game, but in training I can take myself out of those situations quite easily.

“I give my all and sometimes if I overstretch for something I do open myself up to an injury. But it is something I will definitely be working on by not going into challenges that are 20-80,” Wilshere said as fans worry.

This season is supposed to be the time for the player to re-establish himself after being injured for months, missing games for his club and country. He collided with his teammate Gabriel during a training session and picked up an ankle injury. Wilshere said it was a frustrating time for him as it wasn’t a major tournament but just a training session. He claimed it led him to decide avoid going to tackles.

Former Coach of the English national team Roy Hodgson took a gamble when he selected Wilshere for the Euro 2016 tournament despite not having match fitness. For now, the Premier League is the focus and Wilshere will be out missing again.

Wilshere said the club finished second last season, and the quality of players is good enough to win the league this season. Also, he noted that Leicester City are going to be treated differently this season since everyone knows they can win the league. Arsenal are set to face Leicester City on Saturday, August 20, 2016.