When a coach joins a new club, even if all the players are angels, some will be definitely marked as demons. As no use to the coach. At the same time, he almost always has players in mind he is well bent on bringing into his new club and those players can still be the kind of players other coaches see as demons.Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Jack Wilshere was one of the very first members of the Gunners’ squad to be billed surplus to requirements the moment Unai Emery assumed into Arsenal’s manager position.

This cleaning exercise is mostly understandable by all parties involved. Everyone tends to take it in good faith: the coach, club, player and fans.

Still, there is a certain class of players that makes the whole “goodbye” process incredibly hard to say: it’s the homegrown talent, the academy players.

Every club in the world have this purist dream of a kid coming from through their youth ranks to become a star, and go all the way to lead the club to the highest of heights. There’s a reason for that: loyalty.

Money does a lot of the talking in soccer, but loyalty remains the one thing it cannot buy.

Just like Wilshere, one of the latest sensations, Joe Willock came through the youth ranks.

The youngster registered his name on the score sheet during Arsenal’s 4-1 Europa League win over Genk on Thursday night and Emery has come out to say that he motivated the kskks year old using Wilshere

He told him that “Jack Wilshere has left… Aaron Ramsey is leaving and there is a really big opportunity for (him) to take that space in the team.”

It is left for Joe Willock to prove to Emery if he is really an angel or just another demon like Wilshere.