Jack Wilshere Ruled Out

December 15th, 2014 by index

Arsenal’s midfielder Jack Wilshere shall be missing out the match with Anderlecht in the Champion’s League.

A sickness bug has taken over him and he is not keeping well enough to play. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s manager has said that Wilshere was absent only for the second time in this season. It was in the Premier League that Arsenal beat Burnley 3-0 and it had been confirmed about Jack not playing the game. At a pre-match news conference it had been disclosed that the England international player who is 22 years old would not be playing.

They have confirmed and assured that the team will remain the same as the game against Burnley but since Jack is sick, he will not be able to make it to the game. Arsene has said that he has started to see more clearly at the end of the dark tunnel following a raft of injuries this season, despite of Wilshere’s absence. He has been positive through all of this and believes that they are almost at the end of the tunnel and the bad phase was soon going to come to an end. A very integral member of the team Walcott who had had a cruciate ligament injury came back after almost ten months. He had been seen in the Burnley game for the last ten minutes. It is most likely that he will now be a part of the team in the absence of Jack. Everyone is delighted with his comeback. Arsene has also said that he shall be delighted to qualify with two matches remaining. After the late victory they got with Anderlecht in Brussels they have been very satisfied. Both the goals scored in the game had come in the last three minutes of the game. They have learnt a lot from the games and are all ready to show their quality in the game.

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Van Gaal rumoured unhappy with Mata

September 29th, 2014 by Liam

Manchester United hit a new low after losing 5-3 against Leicester City during the weekend. The defeat has proven that the 4-0 win over QPR last week was merely a day in the sunshine for Louis van Gaal and has much maligned team. Despite spending more than £ 150 million on players like Angel di Maria and Luke Shaw, Van Gaal has been struggling to set up his team in the best possible manner. After five games in the league campaign, they are actually much worse than David Moyes did last season. One of the final buys of Moyes was Juan Mata and the Spaniard was surprised to be named on the bench against Leicester City.

He had come to the club for £ 37 million only last January, but there have been reports that van Gaal is not entirely happy with him and that he would like to sell him in the upcoming January transfer window. Mata did not help his case after giving the ball away, just a few minutes after he had come on as the substitute for di Maria, for Leicester’s fourth goal of the evening. United looked to have sealed all three points for the second consecutive match after taking a 3-1 lead due to Ander Herrera’s goal in the second half. Mata has now apologised for the poor showing against a newly promoted team.

“I keep thinking about how we lost a game that was under control. I could not imagine a day like this. On our way back to Manchester I was thinking about what had happened and felt as disappointed as all those that came with us to the stadium. Honestly, I feel very sorry that the weekend ended up for our fans in such a sad way,” said the Spaniard on his personal website.

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Wilshere Still Under Injury Threat

August 18th, 2014 by Liam

The absolute main obstacle that Jack Wilshere will face in the approaching season is without a glimpse of a doubt is trying to find consistency throughout the season as he has to avoid getting injured and this is an important factor for Wilshere now more than ever considering that Wenger has many alternatives available to him whenever Wilshere underperforms or gets injured.

This recently concluded summer vacations has attracted a series of negative headlines for Jack Wilshere as he was seen smoking on 2 occasions which is something that is certainly not beneficial for the player that wants to avoid having any types of health and physical conditions in this season which is only a few days away from kicking off.

When Wilshere was asked about the smoking incidents the Englishman replied by saying that he is young and people makes mistakes but he wants to avoid doing that all together.

Wilshere said: “The smoking? Of course I regret it. I’ve been seen before doing it. I said then I made a mistake and I have made a mistake again. People make mistakes .I’m young and I’ll learn from it. I realize the consequences it has and the effect on kids growing up. I have kids myself and I don’t want them growing up to think their dad smokes and it’s OK for a footballer to smoke because it’s not. It’s unacceptable and I will accept the consequences and I will move on.”

The head coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has already shown his dissatisfaction towards those incidents involving Wilshere and the Frenchman talked with the player with the hopes of avoiding doing that in the future.

If Jack Wilshere can indeed prevent getting injured and avoid attracting any more negative media headlines or incidents, the Englishman has a real chance of turning into one of the most influential players for Arsenal in this upcoming season.

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Wilshere Appearence Proves Pearce Wrong

July 8th, 2014 by admin

Former manager of Manchester City and England, Stuart Pearce claimed that Jack Wilshere would not be making any appearances for England during the 2014 World Cup as the 52 year old English manager was concerned about the recent performances that the player of Arsenal had been displaying.

‘’I think he Wilshere is very, very short of form. Watching the last game against Honduras I didn’t see a Wilshere that sprung on the scene many months ago. I just think he is very, very short of confidence and I see Lampard, Lallana or Barkley ahead of him now. I just feel his lack of form really will cost him and that will be on Roy’s mind’’. Pearce said to the media.

Those claims released by Pearce were wrong as Jack Wilshere did indeed represent England at the international stage although it only was during a match that had absolutely no importance as the team of Roy Hodgson was already eliminated from the World Cup.

The match against Costa Rica was the only encounter that Jack Wilshere had on performing since the 1st minute of the game as he was not a substitute and the former manager of Crystal Palace, Ian Holloway criticized the attitude of Wilshere during the worldwide tournament.

“He seemed to take Roy Hodgson’s decision to substitute him as a personal insult. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then gave a post-match interview in which he said how hard it had been to motivate himself for the final game of England’s World Cup because he hadn’t started against either Italy or Uruguay and our fate had already been decided. I couldn’t believe it. Who the hell does this kid think he is?” Ian Holloway told to the media.

Whether or not Wilshere was given the chance to play more minutes and represent England in the World Cup, it does not seem like it would have made any difference as the English squad just looked out of shape and struggled in every single match.

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